It can seem like interior design trends come in go faster than you can pay off your credit card in order to keep up with them. If your living room or family room in your house is in need of some serious updating, then you may not know where to start; especially without breaking the bank. To help you completely transform your room without having to go into debt in the process, this article will list a few simple updates that aren't so trendy that they will go out of style anytime soon. 

Window Coverings

Yes, a fun patterned fabric for your window coverings may sound like something you can hop on board with but then you'll probably have to change them out in a year or two when that pattern goes out of style. If you want to update your room without it looking too trendy, then choose window coverings in a neutral tone like light grey or white floor length curtains. When choosing curtains, make sure that they a least "kiss the ground" and that they are made of a nice material like linen or cotton. 

Couch Pillows

Getting new couch pillows and throw pillows in your family room is a fast and easy way for you to completely update the entire look of your home. When choosing couch pillows, try to stick with a color scheme but don't be too matchy-matchy. The more patterns and textures of fabrics that you combine together on your couch, the more designer it is going to be. As a tip when choosing couch pillows, make sure that they are still at least a little bit comfortable so when people come over for movie night, they aren't leaning on anything that's scratchy. 

Ottoman or Pouf

Because large pieces of furniture like couches, sectionals, side chairs, and media centers are extremely expensive, try updating the look of your room with one small, affordable piece of accent furniture like an ottoman or pouf. When choosing an ottoman or pouf to go with your couch, make sure that it's not just comfortable; you want it to look really cute too. As a suggestion, try to match the pattern of your ottoman with the patterns on your couch pillows. 

Updating your family room may sound like you're going to have to spend thousands of dollars doing it, but by using these tips, you can get the look you want without the debt that you don't. To learn more, contact an interior design company near you. 

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