As homes age, the windows become less efficient and go out of style. This is why window replacement is such a popular remodel. It will not only increase the efficiency of your home and reduce your utility bills, but it will also update both the inside and outside of your property, making it look much newer. If you are considering window replacement, there are a lot of things to consider. The material of your window frames and sashes is one of the most important factors. This article explains why fiberglass is an ideal window material.

Fibeglass is Stylish

First of all, it is important to dispel the misconception that fiberglass is not stylish. The fiberglass used on modern windows is different from the common material that you see throughout your house in bathtubs and sinks. These products are generally white with a shiny finish. This is definitely not the case when it comes to fiberglass windows. While neutral and white the most popular window colors, you can actually find fiberglass in any imaginable color. Most fiberglass window manufactures will have catalogs with all the most popular colors. However, you always have the option of finding a manufacturer who will custom paint your fiberglasss to any color. This is great if you're trying to match an existing color in your home decor.

You can also find fiberglass windows with stylish fake prints. Thanks to advanced printing techniques, you can find fiberglass windows with faux wood and stone finishes. These fake finishes look surprisingly convincing. Basically, no matter what your home style is, you shouldn't have any problems finding a suitable fiberglass product.

Fiberglass is Easy to Keep Up

Most people will be initially drawn to fiberglass because it is so easy to maintain. Fiberglass itself is very water resistant. There is a risk that fiberglass, when soaked in water for too long, will become a little warped and waterlogged. But this is hardly an issue with fiberglass windows because of the durable powder coat paint. The paint is applied in a factory and it provides a hard, smooth surface that is ideal for window sashes and frames. Fiberglass is great for sliding windows because the smooth texture has minimal friction. This means that you never need to grease or lubricate a fiberglass window to keep it sliding well over the years.

Since fiberglass is both stylish and easy to keep up, it is a great choice for most homeowners. For additional reading and information on window materials and accessories like shades, contact a window company near you.