When you put your home on the market, everything needs to be in tip top shape, from the foundation to the shingles. Curb appeal may initially attract buyers to your home, but quality mechanical systems and other essentials keep their attention. This includes your home's windows. If buyers suspect you have not been taking care of your home, they will make a lower offer in anticipation of unforeseen repairs or, worse, not make an offer at all. There are plenty of ways, however, to make sure that your windows passed muster. 

1. Clean: Giving your windows a quick rinse with the hose is not fooling anyone. Rainwater leaves impurities behind on your windows and creates unattractive spots that cannot be removed without some elbow grease. If you are uncomfortable climbing up on a ladder, hire a professional to do the job. It is worth every penny.

2. Screens: Take a close look at your window screens. Chances are they have seen better days. In fact, bug screens are not meant to be long-lasting items. The thin fabric is easily torn, but it is also just as easily repaired. Stop by your neighborhood hardware store and purchase an easy-to-use screen repair kit. With a little practice, anyone can replace a screen ripped by an eager child or pet. In fact, many stores even sell an extra sturdy version that is often used on sliding patio doors. 

3. Shutters: When your home's shutters are askew and hanging from one lone, rusty nail, they do nothing to enhance the look of your windows or your home's overall curb appeal. Either repair lose shutters or, better yet, replace them. Likewise, if the paint is faded or peeling on your shutters, give them a facelift with a fresh coat.

4. Broken Seal: Insulated windows often have a telltale foggy appearance when the seal is broken. While this doesn't necessarily mean they need immediate replacement, buyers will notice it and will likely deduct the cost of replacing the window in the offer. Do not try to hide the broken seal with furniture or draperies. There are companies that claim they can fix the seal by drilling into the pane and drying it out. You can also have the window replaced before putting your home on the market.

5. Window Boxes: To add charm to your windows, install window boxes and fill them with greenery and flowers. Be sure to water them and deadhead, as needed. 

Contact a professional that offers replacement windows for more information.