It's usually during the colder months of the year that people who have been reluctant to replace their drafty, outmoded windows finally bite the bullet and make the decision to get replacement windows. This is a wise decision, as drafty windows will cause your heating bills to skyrocket as your heat goes out and the cold comes right on in. However, if you're fortunate enough to have vintage windows and frames, make sure the window replacement company leaves them behind for you. Here are a few reasons why.

Resale Value

Thanks to the DIY mania that is sweeping America, you can almost always find someone who would love to have your vintage windows and frames. Internet sites like Pinterest are filled with pictures and ideas of craft projects made from these windows, and since these types of frames are hard to come by, you can easily re-sell them.

Advertise in the local paper or on the radio, put them up for sale on an online auction site, or simply spread the word that you have a supply of these windows and frames and you will almost assuredly find buyers.

Don't forget that some old windows may also have antique hardware that can be worth a small fortune to the right buyer. Even if the windows and frames themselves are in bad shape, take a close look at the hardware and fasteners and see if they have any resale value.

Home Crafts

Believe it or not, used windows can make wonderful cold frames for the gardener. Cold frames can either be used year-round for some of the cooler weather plants such as lettuce, or they can be used to give your plants a head start on the gardening season.

If you're an artsy type, you could use a set of stained glass paints to create your very own wall hanging out of the old window. Simply paint the frame in a color of your liking, and create the stained glass art on the window. You can hang it on the wall or even hang it in front of your new windows for a lovely looking piece.

If the glass on the old windows is busted, you can still use the frame in a number of ways. For example, staple window screen in the empty spots and you can use it for a place to dry fruits and herbs.

Before you simply toss those old windows, take a look at the ways you can benefit from keeping them around for something other than windows. For more help with windows, contact a company like Window Planet.