If you are noticing you suffer from high heating costs in the wintertime and high cooling costs in the summer, you may want to take a look at your windows for an efficiency breech. Older windows will allow heat or air conditioning to be dispersed to the outdoors right through or around the glass panes, making them a prime area for energy-loss in the household. Here are a few ideas you can use in your own home to increase the efficiency of your windows.

Fill In Cracks

Window glazing is the process of adding a compound putty around the glass in a single pane window. Using window glaze putty will keep out drafts and block your energy from escaping through cracks around the glass. To apply, heat the putty so it is pliable, and use your fingers to place it around the glass. It may take several days to harden, so it is important not to use the window during the time the putty is curing.

If your windows are drafty, they can also be remedied by placing weather-stripping around them to help fill in gaps where air is escaping. Caulking or expandable foam can also be placed around window frames to keep air inside the home.

Add Some Film

Using window film will help retain your heat or cool air as it blocks the glass from letting it escape to the outdoors. Peel and stick plastic film is placed on each pane and then heated up using a hair dryer to keep it in place. This film can be left on your windows for however long you wish and then can be peeled off in between seasons. This is a cheap way to retain your energy.

Cover The Glass

Using window treatments such as curtains or drapes can greatly help you retain heat or air conditioning. Look for coverings that have thermal lining. This extra layer of material will boost the energy-saving properties to keep the maximum amount of your warm or cool air inside your home.

Do An Upgrade

If your windows are old and you have been looking into getting new ones in your home, opt for an energy-efficient model. Calling a professional window installation service, like Innovations Siding & Windows, is best, as they will be able to go through the different styles available and will help you select a window that will help save on heating or cooling costs. Make sure to take the energy performance rating in consideration when making your selection.