One of the most challenging aspects of a night job is getting enough sleep during the day. Creating a dark room can be one of the key factors for ensuring deep and restful sleep. The following four options can help you ensure your bedroom stays dark, no matter how brightly the sun shines:

Option #1: Curtains

Curtains are the least expensive and one of the quickest methods for darkening a room. You can purchase special black-out curtains, which have a heavy light-resistant liner that prevents most outside light from coming in. You can also use black-out liners beneath your existing curtains.

The main drawback of curtains is that they aren't impervious to light leaks. Light can come into a room from around the edges of the curtain. Breezes, overhead fans, or HVAC vents may also move the curtains so that light can come in.

Option #2: Shutters

Shutters are an excellent option for blocking out light. Custom built interior plantation shutters completely fill the window frame, which allows you to shut the shutters and block out all light without any light leaks. Exterior shutters are another option, although you will need to go outside to close them or invest in a remote control option. Cost is the main concern with shutters. Since they are custom fit to the window, they usually cost more than curtains or standard blinds.

Options #3: Window Film

Don't overlook window treatments for the actual glass. You can install tinted window film on the glass, which will cut down on the amount of light that comes in. This can work to make a room much darker when combined with drapes or blinds. The film also cuts down on the intensity of any light leaks. Films come in do-it-yourself kits or you can have a film professionally installed. Window film is a cost-effective option, but it requires proper installation so it looks good and doesn't have bubbles.

Option #4: Tinted Glass

If you like the idea of window film, but prefer a more professional-looking option, invest in new windows with tinted glass. The tint is built into the glass, so it won't bubble or scratch. You can choose the level of tint so that you can minimize how much light comes into a room. You will need to combine tinted glass with other window treatments, like drapes, to achieve full darkness. New windows are also one of the more expensive options, but they can be well worth it in the long run.

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