If you have recently had a mishap involving a rock and your windshield which had caused cracking to appear in the glass, you will want to do repairs before taking your vehicle out on the open road. Cracks in glass may increase in intensity each time you drive, making it very dangerous as a result. You can make repairs to small cracks on your own so you can continue to drive until you can bring your vehicle to a glass replacement specialist. Here are some instructions for you to follow to make repairs to small cracks on your windshield.

Determine the Intensity

Take a close look at the area where the rock has struck your vehicle. If the glass has a crack larger than the palm of your hand, or if the glass appears to have a spiderwebbed appearance, it is a good rule of thumb to bypass repairing the damage yourself and taking your vehicle to an auto glass specialist, like Mr Go-Glass. If there is a smaller-sized single crack, you should be able to temporarily fill it in with the following procedure.

Clean the Affected Area

Before you can fill in cracks, the area should be completely free of any debris. This will allow the resin you use to make the repair to adhere properly without obstructions that could become embedded in the glass. Move your vehicle into a shady area so you do not have sun glare distorting your view of the glass. Use a pushpin to scrape any glass slivers out of the cracked area. You will then be able to cleanse the area using a mild detergent and piece of lint-free cloth. Rinse and allow to dry.

Fill In the Crack

To fill in the crack, use a glass repair kit. This consists of an applicator and glass resin. All kits work in a similar fashion. Place the applicator over the affected area and adhere to your windshield so the reservoir is positioned directly over the center of the crack you are going to fill. Most applicators will attach to your window with rubber suction cups. Pour the resin into the reservoir at the top of the applicator. Push the flange with a pumping motion to push the resin in the crack.

Finish the Job

Remove the applicator. If your kit contains a resin film, place it over the newly added resin and scrape a credit card across the surface of the film to further push the resin in the crack. Move your vehicle to a sunny area and let the resin harden completely. The crack will be filled in and it will be difficult to determine where it was previously located!