Home ownership can be extremely exciting and rewarding, but it also comes with the requirement to become an expert in a wide variety of maintenance tasks. Before you owned your own home, you may not have considered the difficulty that comes with keeping windows in their best possible condition, but once those windows belong to you, that's suddenly a pressing concern.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to keep your home's windows brightly clean and good as new. Following these suggestions will allow you to extend the life of your glass while guaranteeing that you can enjoy all of the natural light that your home has to offer.

Purchase a Squeegee

Perhaps the biggest reason that many people leave streaks and smudges on their windows is that they simply don't have the right tools. Professional window washers use squeegees in order to prevent water from running and streaking, and you should make the same commitment.

Most home squeegees are relatively inexpensive and should be very long lasting. Be sure that you consistently pull the squeegee in the same direction and in long, uninterrupted strokes, as doing so is the best way to get a consistently clean appearance on all of your windows.

Consider Razor Blades

Sometimes dirt and other contaminants such as paint can leave you staring at stubborn stains that pose a real challenge for removal. Thankfully, a simple razor blade scraper, if used carefully and in the right direction, can remove these stains without posing any danger of damaging your glass.

Be sure to only hold a razor scraper by the handle and never put your other hand anywhere near the path of the blade. If you notice the blade of your razor scraper beginning to dull, it should be swapped out immediately. Otherwise, you'll not only receive poor performance but you'll also be at risk of damaging your glass.

Maintain a Regular Schedule

Ultimately, the best way to keep your windows in their best shape is to stick to a cleaning regimen that guarantees regular upkeep. Window cleaning is a chore that can easily slip the mind of even the most fastidious homeowner, making it a much more difficult process when it is finally given attention. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule will keep your windows clean and free of smudges, and will decrease the effort you have to expend each time by a large amount.

If you would prefer to have a professional cleaning service handle your windows, search for one in your area, such as Clear View, Inc.