If you are looking to replace the windows in your home, before you decide on vinyl or wood, ask the dealer about fiberglass replacement windows. Although not very common in homes yet, people are becoming more environmentally friendly and concerned about energy efficiency bringing fiberglass windows into the main stream. Once installed, homeowners are realizing the many benefits to them. Here are a few reasons you may find fiberglass windows are more than worth the extra expense they cost.

Last Longer

Fiberglass will not warp, crack or rot the way wood does. When compared to vinyl or aluminum it does not dent, corrode, or split due to weathering or age. They do not need to be replaced as frequently as other windows. Actually, the only reason you may want to put in something new is because they look outdated.

Retain Their Shape

You can form fiberglass into almost any shape. They also hold their shape regardless of the weather or temperature. Once installed, you will not have to worry about air coming in or out from around the sides of the windows because the frame has lost its contour and fit. Over the years, your vinyl and wood frames allow for the passage of air.

Well Insulated

Fiberglass replacement windows are made with multiple layers of glazing to give added insulation to them. This is another way it helps to prevent air passing through them. It saves you money on your energy bills while keeping everyone in the house comfortable.

Tinted Glass

Fiberglass windows are commonly fitted with windows that have acrylic, tinted glass. This combination acts as a solar heat repellent, keeping your home cool. You will be able to turn off the air conditioner for those times that would normally be just a bit too warm to go without it and the house will remain at a nice, livable temperature.


Unlike vinyl or aluminum windows, fiberglass windows can be painted any color you like. You can choose something that blends in with the rest of the house, or go for a contrasting look. If you decide to paint the house a different color in the future, you can repaint the windows to match.

While you may have to spend more money for the initial installation of fiberglass windows, over time, you will save quite a bit on energy costs and not having to replace them. Just because they are a bit more expensive than other replacement windows doesn't mean you should avoid looking them over. It certainly can't hurt to compare exactly what you are looking at. For more information, contact a professional like Window Tech Inc