Customize your home decor with replacement windows. Advancements in technology make today's windows far superior to their first-generation predecessors. As a result, you enjoy the added benefit of significantly lower heat loss through modern multiple-pane glass. Moreover, you can change the style window and your home's interior and exterior decor as part of the remodeling process. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Living Room - Upgrade your home's standard double window to a stunning picture window. It elevates your decor to a higher level of elegance and beauty while providing an unobstructed view of the front yard.

Dining Room - Increase the space of a row home by adding a deck off the dining room for entertaining. Change a single window to a single French door. If your dining room has a double window, then you can choose between French doors or sliding glass doors.

Kitchen - Grow fresh herbs in a specialty kitchen window that has a small ledge. Your plants will get plenty of natural daylight and the kitchen will have an interesting focal point. The glass in these windows is as insulating as the other windows in your home.

Den - Individualize your townhouse with a bay window. It looks beautiful from the street and increases the amount of natural daylight. Turn it into a reading nook with a comfy bench or make it a focal point with an occasional table and a vase of silk flowers.

Bedrooms - People spend an average of one-third of their lives in the bedroom. You need windows that are energy-efficient but that also add beauty to your personal space. First-quality manufacturers, such as Andersen Windows, offer several options in frames, sashings, and styles to enhance the decor.

Bathroom - Many homes do not have a window in the bathroom. Install a skylight for fresh air and natural light.

Basement - Basements traditionally have casement windows. However, older casement windows only have one glass pane that allows winter cold and summer heat to enter your home. Modern casement windows have three or more panes for better insulation. If desired, change from casement windows to sliders. You won't have to crank the window nor will you need clearance on the outside to open it.

Patio- Transform an open patio into a usable three- or four-season room. Large windows enable you to enjoy the fresh breeze while keeping the mosquitoes outside. Nor do you have to run inside when the clouds burst.

As the saying goes, your home is your castle. Upgrade the windows as you remodel each room to make your row home or townhouse unique from all the others on the block. To learn more, contact Arch Design