You may be having windows installed in your home to improve energy performance. These replacement windows can be somewhat plain, and if you want to get the most from your investment, there are some things that can be done to dress them up. This can include things like adding trim, architectural details or exterior window treatments. Here are three ways that you can dress up your window installation to make the exterior of your home more attractive:

1. Adding Trim Details To Window Surrounds

One of the problems with modern window replacement is that there is no detail on the surround. This is common with vinyl type replacement windows. You can still have trim details added to your windows to make them more attractive. This can be done by building a surround around the window with trim and other details. It is not part of the window, but rather a façade for the window. This is something that you see in homes that have and arts-and-crafts type design with woodworking details around porches, windows and doors.

2. Architectural Details For Homes With Brick Or Stucco

If you have a home that is brick, it may not be easy to add details to the surrounds of the windows. An alternative can be to use masonry details with homes that are brick or stucco. These are either concrete or foam products that fasten to the brickwork and then are covered with a thin coat of stucco. These architectural details can also include things like keystones over windows.  These can have all the same trim details that are done with wood materials.

3. Awnings, Shutters And Other Exterior Window Treatments

Awnings, shutters and window treatments can be another great addition to your windows. These can be false-shutters that fasten to your home for an aesthetic look.  If you want more from your investment, functional window treatments will be better. Awnings will help you to control lighting, and shutters can help you to add security to your home. There are also roll-up shutters and retractable awnings, which can give you automation with the features you add to your new windows.

These are some of the things that you can have done to give your new windows more of an attractive look. If you need new windows for your home, contact a window installation contractor and ask them about adding some of these finishing touches to your windows. Talk to experts like Window Repairmen for more information.