If you are having the windows on your home replaced, this can be a great investment for your home. It improves energy efficiency and adds value to your home. Sometimes, these windows can be a little plain, but with a few improvements, you can give them an attractive custom look. Here are four things that you can do to change the appearance of your replacement windows with custom features:

1. Adding Trim To Window Exteriors

When you add replacement windows to your home, they often do not have trim on them. You may want to consider adding trim to the exterior of the windows. This can be done with wood, composite materials and even masonry window details. If you want to have more details on your windows, adding exterior trim is a great option.

2. Installing Window Ledges To Add Depth

With many home designs, the windows are on the outside of the framing and have no ledge on them. To add more depth to the appearance of your windows, you can have a ledge added to them. This can be done with a wood ledge that is fastened beneath the window. If you want a place for plants or window decorations, this is a great improvement for your windows.

3. Practical Window Treatments For More Than Energy Savings

You can also have window treatments added to your home's windows. These can be things like interior window coverings or exterior window treatments that are functional. Window treatments do not just make your home more attractive, they are also practical and can improve energy efficiency. This is because they block UV rays from the sun, add insulation and keep heat in your home.

4. Wood Casing And Finishing On The Interior

Some homes may not have interior window casings. Sometimes, the window casing is done with drywall, which is plain. If you want to make the interior more attractive, you can have the drywall removed and add window casings to your windows. This can give windows an attractive look and can even be done to match any window treatments that you have added to the interior of your home.

These are some of the things that you can do to change the look of your new windows. If you are replacing windows on your home, talk to the window treatment service and ask them about doing some of these improvements to change the appearance of your home.