As you think about having old windows replaced in your home, one advantage you might consider is saving money on utility bills with energy-efficient windows. However, Consumer Reports advises homeowners not to replace windows solely for this reason. It simply takes too long to recoup the cost of the new products and installation. If there is some other reason you really want new windows, consider energy efficiency an added bonus. 

The Best Reasons to Have New Windows Installed

Reduced Maintenance

Wood window frames require painting or staining to prevent rotting from moisture and ultraviolet light. With some older windows, homeowners must replace screens with storms before winter, then reverse the process before summer. To keep rooms more comfortable and reduce heat bills, some homeowners put plastic up around drafty windows when winter arrives. Cleaning older windows also tends to be more difficult because they aren't easily removed for that purpose. 

Newer styles of vinyl windows need much less maintenance. For many people, that is enough of an advantage to get their old wood-frame, drafty windows replaced. 

A Quieter Home

Some people become accustomed to noise from traffic, but you may find it continuously bothersome. Soundproof windows technically aren't entirely soundproof, but they do substantially reduce noise. 

Double-pane windows are more affordable, but the sound control is not dramatically better than with single-pane models. Depending on the noise level you're dealing with, you may be disappointed with their effectiveness.

Check the sound transmission class, also called sound transmission coefficient, on different window brands and models before making a decision. Product details usually call this an STC rating. 

Increased Satisfaction With Your Home

Increase your satisfaction with your home and add new windows. Especially if you plan to stay there for many years to come, having new windows installed can be a good investment simply because of the emotional and psychological benefits.

Bay and bow windows, for instance, can add curb appeal. They also provide you with a sunny ledge where you can grow plants that help beautify the interior of your home. If the window is large enough, it can offer a comfy seating area with a great view of the outdoors.

Concluding Thoughts

Start checking out various features of potential replacement windows for your home. As you learn more about different products on the market, you can make an informed choice once you're ready to buy these new home improvement features.